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Customer Testimonials


Thanks for the beautiful roses. They lasted well over 2 weeks.
Virginia H. from Meadville, PA May 11, 2018

The carnations and Peruvian lilies are still beautiful! I've enjoyed these flowers, they're so long lasting. They look just as nice as when you first delivered them three weeks ago."
Jean C. from Conneaut Lake, PA March 31, 2018

"We received a picture of the flowers from the recipient. They are beautiful and we were so impressed that they were delivered so quickly! Thank you so much!"
Stacey G. from Meadville, PA Feb. 9, 2018

"I received the flowers at the hospital from my family in Georgia and they are as beautiful today as they were when I got them a week ago
Barbara K. from Saegertown, PA Sept 8, 2017

"Thank you for delivering the beautiful basket for my stepfather's birthday..... and on short notice. You saved the day!!! It was the perfect gift."
Sherri K. from Sebring, FL October 10,2016

"We ordered a graveside spray and matching vase of flowers for a funeral luncheon and graveside ceremony and they were absolutely AMAZING! We're not local, so we weren't sure what to expect but the results exceeded our expectations in every way! Fresh, beautifully arranged, artfully designed {we asked for a customized design}...it was clear that there was great pride and care taken every step of the way! We can't say enough nice things about Loeffler's Flowers!"
Laura E. from Clinton Township, MI Oct 1, 2016

"I ordered our anniversary bouquet. It was the most beautiful arrangement of flowers we've ever see - a nice mixture of flowers. Thanks again."
Bob N. from Meadville, PA Aug 27, 2016

"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did for mine and Chris's wedding flowers this past weekend! They were absolutely beautiful!! We were so happy with all of our flowers, they were perfect and exactly what we wanted. We were also very pleased with the affordable price for everything that we ordered. Thank you all for your hard work in arranging and delivering them for our special day!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for professional flower arrangements for any occasion!" Rebecca Q. from Venango, PA Aug 6, 2016

"I received a couple of fresh floral bouquets this week that were absolutely gorgeous - the most beautiful bouquets I've ever had! They were arranged so wonderfully in the matching vase with a lovely bow too. The flowers are so healthy and look just as beautiful as the day I got them and it's 5 days later. The vase of lilies had several buds and each day new lilies open up. I've really enjoyed the flowers."
Roberta E. from Cochranton, PA July 19, 2016

"Look at that bouquet!! (She sent a lovely picture of the bride and groom with the bride's bouquet.) The flowers were stunning and that lovely fragrance! The perfect wedding. Thank you so much" Ann Z. (Mom of the bride) from Meadville, PA June 2016

"My sister sent me birthday flowers, these were the most beautiful flowers I have yet received and they lasted about 3 or so weeks!!! Crazy! Thanks." Jeannette from Meadville, PA Dec 28, 2015

"The entire staff is fantastic! The are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I worked directly with the owner about our wedding, and then each of the staff knew exactly how execute each detail on the day of. Our flowers were very elegant and simple, EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED FOR. The experience was wonderful and I would absolutely recommend Kathy and her team for any event!" Jessica & Jason S. from Meadville, PA June 2011

"I am really thrilled with the flowers I received, they've lasted over two weeks." Pat C. from Meadville, PA March 2015

"The roses are gorgeous I received." Diane K. from Meadville, PA June 26, 2015

"The flowers were even more beautiful than I imagined! They did a wonderful job and stayed within our budget, and even included a throw bouquet which I didn't know they would do! It was perfect!!" Cara S. from Meadville, PA June 2015

"We have received nothing but raves about every single arrangement from Loeffler's! We are ordering from out of state with confidence. Thank you so much!" Tim M. from Acworth, GA August 3, 2015

"I want to send a BIG thank you for the beautiful big bear and balloons you delivered to my mother for her first day at Westbury, a big change. She and I couldn't be more pleased, thank you so much. Grateful."
Darlene F. from Huntington, IN Sept. 30, 2015

"Thank you for the great service."
Norman M. from Linesville, PA Feb 3, 2015

"Thank you! My mother just called me and LOVES the flowers!! Really brightened up her day! You do a great job!"
Darcy H. from Long Beach, CA Mar 16, 2015

"I enjoyed the roses which lasted over two weeks. The roses were gorgeous. Thanks."
Roberta R. from Meadville, PA Jan 14, 2015

"Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers for my wedding. My flowers were one of my favorite parts for the day. The beauty was far beyond my expectations. Thank you so very much."
Cathryn S. from Meadville, PA Oct 25, 2014

"I just got roses and they are gorgeous. Any time I order, the flowers are always beautiful. Job Well Done!"
Joann W. from Saegertown, PA

"The flowers were great - most of them lasted 18 days!"
Mildred W. from Cochranton, PA Mar 2014

"She (the recipient) loved the flowers (a centerpiece) and was thrilled with the balloon. She was so happy and there were candles included with the flowers. She lit the candles and said a prayer."
Dorothy B. from Meadville, PA May 2014

"I ordered get well flowers for one of our clients and she (the recipient) called to say how pleased she was with the flowers. We are in Erie, PA so I just searched online for a flowers shop in Meadville, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!"
Amy C. from Erie, PA Sept 16, 2014

"She loved them....thanks again! They are gorgeous!"
Deb C. from Sandy Lake, PA Aug 20, 2014

"Thank you. She loved the flowers."
Roger S. from Meadville, PA June 2014

"The bouquet you sent last week was absolutely wonderful, gorgeous and beautiful and I wanted to thank you so much."
Viola B. Meadville, PA April 2014

"Very nice bouuquet! Fresh and lasted nicely! Thank you!"
Zebbie W. from Meadville, PA Feb 2014

"I saw the flowers I'd ordered and they looked beautiful. They were gorgeous. The lady was thrillled with the spring arrangement. The flowers couldn't have been any prettier."
Linda V. from Cochranton, PA Mar 2014

"Lisa loved her beautiful flowers. She said it made her birthday a wonderful day!"
Patty W. from Meadville, PA Feb 2014

"I'm thrilled by the arrangement you sent. You did a great job, even better than the picture. The staff were very helpful and nice. It's so wonderful to have great customer service."
Joyce S. from Delmont, PA Dec 2013

"We sent flowers to our daughter at Allegheny College. They were more beautiful than the picture. She brought the flowers home with her for Thanksgiving and they were still blooming a week later. We're very happy."
Beth C. from Kingston, PA Nov 2013

"I just wanted to say thank you for sending the flowers, she loved them. She was 'tickled' to receive flowers, they really made her day! Thanks."
Debbie C. from Sandy Lake, PA Sept 2013

"I really enjoyed the flowers, they lasted so long and were made in a cute watering can with a butterfly. I was impressed with the alstroemeria lasting so long. It was a lovely bouquet."
Maryann S. April 2013

"The flowers I received were so beautiful and they lasted a very long time. The flowers were so fresh. Our son loves to deal with your shop because you make it so easy to place an order."
Kathy B. from Meadville, PA Feb 2, 2013

"Thank you so much for making my wedding flowers beautiful. They were just what I'd hoped for and turned out perfect. They looked great with the cake too. I appreciated all your help, time and suggestions."
Barb B. March 23, 2013

"Thanks for the beautiful flowers you sent the wife. She loved them she has been feeling under the weather the last couple weeks. Those flowers made her feel a little better for the day.Thanks."
Rick B. April 29, 2013

"Words can never describe the moment I laid eyes on my wedding flowers!

I never figured myself to be a "flower" person, but I tell you this, if I could have carried those flowers everyday for the rest of my life
- it still wouldn't be long enough!

The vibrancy of the colors, the magical twists of the kiwi brances and the sway and swag of the amerentha gave my flowers the "spooky" feel I wanted.

Loeffler's made it all possible and was very professional, honest and upfront. Loeffler's took my vision and feel that I wanted for my Halloween wedding and made it spooky and elegant.

It wasn't just flowers that Loeffler's gave me, it was an experience that will last a lifetime through

Thank you so very much."

Jill & Tony S. from Venango, PA Oct. 2010

"One of the best florists in Meadville, PA in service and design of flowers. I don't have to be there to see the flowers because I know it will be an extraordinary and exceptional bouquet. I don't know what you do to work your magic for the longevity of the flowers, they last a long time. I've only heard good news about Loeffler's Flowers even from other wire services, they recommend you."
John F. from Erie, PA Feb 7, 2011

"The flowers were so colorful and beautiful."
Ann P. from Meadville, PA. June 2, 2010

"Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement. I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at it."
Tammy S. July 9, 2010

"The church's altar flowers were gorgeous and so very pretty. Absolutely beautiful! Well done!"
Shirley N. from Meadville, PA June 12,2010

"I was so overwhelmed at how beautiful and perfect the church altar flowers were."
Lee M. from Saegertown, PA

"Thanks Loeffler's......for your excellent service. I appreciate it. You were accommodating on very short notice and still you made the delivery and the flowers were beautiful. Thank you very much."
Sandy B. from Ashland, OH Oct 23, 2010

"Thank you for your time and patience in helping me and my sisters as we picked out the flowers for our father's funeral. We appreciate your suggestions and the extra effort you made in finding just the right pots for the side flowers arrangements."
Loretta M. from Titusville, PA Oct 8, 2010

"Thank you so much for your help in ordering the flowers for my dad's funeral. They were beautiful beyond expectation. Mom was really pleased with it (flowers) all. The other flowers and baskets from your shop were exceptional!! Beautiful!"
Jeannette W. from Centerville, PA Oct 6, 2010

Thank you so much for the beautiful job! Everyone raved about the flowers at the (Allegheny College) Chapel and the Country Club! ....The Country Club is using the two fresh altar vases for their Mother's Day brunch - they were fabulous.
Again, Thank You!
Tammy, Gary, Lindsay and Dan May 7, 2011

I just wanted to tell the florist that was the most beautiful arrangement I have seen in a long time. It was all white with some yellow daisies and roses. Just wonderful.
Thank you,
Cheryl S. of Saegertown, PA May 4, 2011

"Thank you all! What beautiful plants!"
Esther from Meadville, PA Sept. 27, 2011

"This arrangement was the most stunning! Great Job! Thanks."
Ruth M. from Meadville, PA

"Very nicely done little basket - nicest one I've seen from your florist. Thank you!"
Zebbie W. from Meadville, PA April 27, 2012

"The flowers (delivered on March 7th) were beautiful and lasted until the 30th of March. Thanks."
Mildred W. from Cochranton, PA April 4, 2012

"The croton (autumn) plant you sent for a new business location was so colorful and beautiful, the recipient loved it! Thanks so much."
Sherry O. Saegertown, PA Oct. 2012

"Thank you as always, the fresh flower arrangement was lovely."
Connie S. Meadville, PA Aug. 2012

"The flowers are beautiful....as usual, she loved them."
Darlene G. Meadville, PA July 2012

"I received lilies and they were awesome and very beautiful! They smell very good. I look at them all the time because they are so beautiful. I'm extremely happy."
Nancy P. Venango, PA Sept 2012

"The Christmas arrangements, you delivered, were gorgeous and they lasted a long time. The recipients really enjoyed their flowers and we were so pleased."
Jay & Karen P. from Titusville, PA Dec 2012

"I just wanted to send a special thanks to your staff. I can always depentd on my Mom receiving a beautiful gift when I order throught you staff."
Mary T. from Orlando, Fl Oct 16, 2012

"I must say they (the flowers) are stunning! I just want you all to know just how talented you are and how you give every person receiving a beautiful floral design, a very special memory. Thank you!"
Jill S. from Venango, PA Oct 30, 2012

"I just want to thank you for your skill in flower arranging! My mother said her Easter basket from Loeffler's was the most beautiful arrangement she's ever received, with all of its bright spring colors! It lasted more than a week......she was thrilled! And you were willing to make a small basket that would fit with the lack of horizontal space in her room. You played an important role in making her day a delightful one! Again, thank you."
Diane E. from Rochester, NY March 29, 2013